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How much can I expect to pay?

The conceptual breakdown of basic costs for a website were outlined earlier in "How much does a website cost?".
For first time customers we offer a choice of two paths. Both paths include the first year's "rent".
$299 AUD 
Our "bpresent Quick!" plan is considerably cheaper than a fully fledged web site but offers many of the same features.
It allows you to be present in the world wide web quickly and easily at a very modest price. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
$799 AUD 
Our "<Choose4Yourself>.com plan" provides you with a simple, well designed, fast loading brochure style website with the domain name of your choice (if available) included in the price.
This plan also includes a "form" which allows prospects to send you enquiries. As with all our web sites, this cost includes the first year's "rent".
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If at any stage you decide to move from the "bpresent Quick!" plan to your own <Choose4Yourself>.com web site, this is a very simple task and will be largely transparent to the outside world. We ensure that you will not lose any existing traffic as a consequence. To find out more about how we achieve this migration click here.
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