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What is a website?    How much does a web site cost?    Where do you go from here?

If you are a small or medium sized business (SME or SOHO), then a look at your expected return on investment (short and medium term ROI) is fundamental to your decision to enter the world wide web.

The following pages are intended to guide you through some of the basics of a website and provide you with enough detail to enable you to make an informed decision.


What is a website?

What is the minimum I have to buy to get a website?

How much does a website cost?

How often should I expect to pay these costs?

When does my website start paying for itself? (ROI)

Is the web for me?

How much should I expect to pay?

If you already have a website

From small things...

Other pages of interest

Fluid web pages

Source of website content

About Domain Names, Business Names and Trade Marks

Some ideas for promotion of your website

Moving from a "bpresent Quick!" plan to a <Choose4Yourself>.com plan

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