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Sorry... We are not taking on new work at present!
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If you already have a website

Subject to a review of your web site, we will be glad to assume hosting of your website.
Different pricing may apply depending on:
*   Where the site is currently hosted (ie. as a stand-alone <Choose4Yourself>.com or as a free site (eg. Geocities));
*   How you would like to run it (ie. as a stand-alone <Choose4Yourself>.com or as a "bpresent Quick!" plan);
*   the review of the site - which includes such subjects as: how large the site is and the type of programming languages used (if any in addition to basic 'html').
We will be happy to negotiate the management and/or revamping of your existing site. We prefer to host all our sites on our own servers as this makes administration much simpler (and therefore time effective and cheaper).
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If you already have a site
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