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Australian Domain Names

If you have a business, or a particular product, or you are a sole trader, then you may well be able to get an Australian website domain name that suits you.
Due to regulation, good '' names are far more available than the '.com's of this world.
Australian names are only a few dollars more per annum but have some rules around their allocation. This provides some customers with assurance that you are not a fly-by-night operation.
It also puts context to your web site if you are a local trader.
For example: as a business, bpresent has registered as well as, and .net. We use the different variations depending on our line of business and also our target market. It is not necessary to go to this length but it can help protect your product name.

A domain name is just a domain name

While on the subject, having a particular website name does not necessarily give you any rights as far as that name's usage outside the world wide web (in fact you may still run into trouble even if you have successfully bought a name). It is simply a web site name.
It is worthwhile looking into registering your business or product name as a trade mark.
If you would like assistance with this, or an other aspect of business, product or trade mark registration, we can also be of assistance.


We suggest you check for the availability of a domain name that suits you or your business.
We can shop around for the best deal going in terms of domain names but, with recent increased competition the basic price is the same. A number of companies have 'added value' options but if you are going to use your name for a fully fledged website, these add-ons are redundant.
If you want to avoid the hassles of shopping around, simply use the above searches to find the name and let us know the name you have chosen and we will buy it on your behalf as part of your package (note that we will by it for you, it will be recorded with you as the owner).

Australian Name Rules

As mentioned above, there are regulations in place around the usage of the ".au" suffix. These may work in your favour as it is difficult for someone to 'steal' <Choose4Yourself> unless they have the same name (or can somehow derive it from one of their products etc).
Australian domain name rules summary   
For commercial entities, such as companies (with ACN as registered through ASIC), and businesses (registered with state governments). 
Same qualifications as but suggested for entities who use the internet as an integral part of their operations. 
For incorporated associations, political parties, trade unions, sporting and special interest clubs. 
For charities and non-profit organisations. 
For individuals who are Australian citizens or residents.
Other classifications such as are not available through the normal outlets.
More details can be found at the AU Domain Administration site.
An alternate source of information can be found at the Australian MyWebName site.
When you purchase your domain name through bpresent it is your's to keep. We will adopt the roles of "Administrative, Technical and Billing Contact" and you will be registered as the "Owner".
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