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Moving from a "bpresent Quick!" plan to a <Choose4Yourself>.com

Using 'best-practice' internet technology, the process of making sure your customers find you when you move from a "bpresent Quick!" plan to a "<Choose4Yourself> .com" is seemless, regardless of how many places your website address has been published or how many search engines have found you.
We create entries in our web servers that ensure two essential elements are covered.
Firstly, when someone types in the name you are moving from (ie. /<YourName>) or if they click on a link with this name, they are redirected immediately to the correct location (ie. "<Choose4Yourself> .com"). You may have noticed that some sites display a message similar to "You will be redirected, please click here if you are not". We do not adopt this technique for a number of reasons.
Secondly, and perhaps most importantly the hard earned placings you have in search engines will not be lost in the move.
When the "robots" encounter your old address they will be told, in the correct manner, that your site has been permanently moved to a new location. There may be a short period of loss of traffic but it will be minimal when compared to, say, moving from a 'free' service to your own domain.
We will also advise you when an old link is used and where that link is used. In other words if you have negotiated a link with a number of colleagues, when someone 'clicks in' from there, we can advise you exactly where the user came from.
Please note that we can only arrange this for free if you are moving from a "bpresent Quick!" plan to a "<Choose4Yourself> .com" hosted by bpresent.
We provide this service for free as we believe:
*   for most newcomers, the best place to start is a very affordable "bpresent Quick!" plan; and
*   once you have experienced the level of individual customer support and service that we provide, you will want to continue your growth with bpresent.
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