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Our philosophy

From small things ...

Our basic philosophy at bpresent, particularly for small businesses venturing out with their first website, is to start with a small, technically simple, fast loading website.
Your web site should still be elegant, or perhaps striking, or even garish... That all depends on the image you want to create.
There are a number of reasons why we believe in this simplicity:
1.  Loading Speed
If your website doesn't load fast enough, potential clients simply click away.
Technically rich pages using some graphics or animation packages can take a while to run. Also, web site pages that display counters or gather statistics, particularly on your opening pages, can slow down the loading process (while they wait for other computer resources to become available).
2.  Cost
The simpler your first website is, the cheaper it will be to implement. We endeavour to use existing art work, wherever possible, as this not only creates a website image consistent with your existing image, it is also considerably cheaper.
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3.  Broad user acceptance
Generally speaking, we avoid using technology that is not widely accepted by the majority of less-technologically advanced end-users.
Many web designers have the latest and greatest 'plug-ins'. They very much enjoy using them and award each other prizes for how well they use these products. While this is generally a good thing (as it eventually enhances our overall internet experience) it is not necessarily the best way to gain paying customers. When confronted with the message 'This web site uses "Product xyz" - download "xyz plug-in" now', many people simply move on to the next website.
See our page "Fluid web pages" for more details of one of our basic design approaches.
4.  Time to market
The faster we develop the initial website, the sooner it is out there ready to be found by search engines.
5.  Prudent use of budget
We try to make the best use of your budget by creating a web site that will address all areas of effective internet usage. We want your site to be technically sensitive (ie. increase its chances of being found) not just attractive to prospects who visit it. Much of this work is not immediately visible to your prospects - it is tangible to you in the number and quality of visitors to your site.
Put bluntly, if no-one visits your website, it doesn't matter how fantastic it looks.

From small things ... Big Things Grow

It takes at least 2 months (and anything up to 6 months) before your web page gets picked up by the major search engines. If you have the funds you can pay to get higher rankings in some, but not all of the search engines (eg. you cannot buy a good ranking in the biggest).
During this time you can review the content of your website. You can start to publish your web address on other promotional material and, if there are business associates or other companies either up or down your supply chain, you can negotiate links with these organisations. You can also canvas feedback from friends and associates. (We recommend that you keep notes of this feedback, rather than act on it immediately, and then review this after a few months.)
Having established this presence, and your association with bpresent, we trust that you will find greater potential than you expected from the web. After the hype of the late '90s, many rubbished the world wide web as being just a flash in the pan.
There is a place in the world of business for the web. Whether it becomes simply a place to show your colours, a place to sell your wares or to trade privately up or down the supply chain, we believe you will find your niche on the web.
It will be our pleasure to share the journey with you.
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