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How often should I expect to pay these costs?

1.  The web site name (or domain name)
Annually in advance.
The cost is roughly the same each year (about $50) - or it is included in the hosting costs - see below.
2.  Web pages (words, pictures, forms etc)
In the beginning, once - and then, to a lesser degree, whenever you want to add a new page.
Calculated based on time spent. The time taken can be impacted by such things as the availability of existing artwork.
You may want to make changes and additions to your website often in order to promote new goods or services. As with the initial creation costs, these can vary quite dramatically depending on a number of factors. See our page "Source of website content" for more details.
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3.  A place to put the pages (hosting / rent)
Monthly, quarterly or annually in advance.
While this tends to be a fairly stable and predictable cost, as your site becomes more popular the cost will eventually increase. However, you can reasonably expect that if your site becomes more popular this equates to more income.
At bpresent we host exclusively on robust Australian based web servers (although if your client base is off shore we can arrange US or EU based hosting).
Using the "high street" analogy introduced earlier, this equates to a sensible location in the best part of town. Sensibly priced and reliable. In most cases you will find that your web page loads considerably faster than most major sites including Sydney Morning Herald, Telstra, Whitepages and ABC to name but a few.
We include the expected total cost of your first year's hosting services in our quoted prices. Following the first year, payments may be made monthly in advance.
Special rates and/or conditions can be negotiated for non-profit sites.
4.  Promotion (on the web)
As required and/or ongoing.
In terms of promotion on the net, we recommend (and use) a limited amount of "Pay-per-click" (PPC) advertising as it is very easy to limit costs using this method. This is also sometimes known as "Cost-per-click" (CPC).
The playing field for Seach Engines is constanly changing, with one search engine supplying results to another, buying each other out etc. Depending on the situation at the time of the launch of your web site, we also suggest one paid listing.
The current rate for our suggested paid listing is $25 USD. We include one of these listings as standard in our "<Choose4Yourself>.com plan".
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