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"bpresent Quick!" web hosting plan $299

Inexpensive websites that get found

Providing you with a fully managed, no hassles inexpensive entry into the world wide web.
We offer a fully fledged search engine sensitive optimised web site, not just cloaking of a free or cheap web service.
At $299, our "bpresent Quick!" plan provides you with one year to test the water at minimal outlay.
All managed "bpresent Quick!" web hosting plans include:
*   3 brochure style pages
*   12 month's "rent" (hosting)
*   Free set up
*   email (may be redirected to another email address if you want)
*   Fully optimsed web pages
*   Rapid inclusion in Google's indexes - your pages will normally be included within 5 weeks and sometimes within 1 week but this can be complemented with Google ads (immediate inclusion) at very reasonable rates.
*   Six (6) enhancements per year, for example: change of phone number or address small changes to product details.

"bpresent Quick!" plan renewals (following the first year)
5 MB storage & 250 MB data transfer per month, 6 enhancements per annum $  10 per month
Pay for 12 months up front and save $21 $  99 per year
Additional ad hoc support / enhancements $  45 per hour
Additonal data transfer 15c per MB
(See the inset at right How many visitors does 250 MB cover? if you have any concerns about data transfer limits)

How many visitors does 250 MB per month cover?
The short answers are "A lot"; or "Conservatively about 2,500 visitors or 5,000 page hits per month" or "At least 100 people per day".
To accurately answer this question depends on a number of variables including the number of images (pictures) or music files (eg. mp3s) etc you have on your site.
During the process of creating your site we can determine a more precise figure. It is reasonable to expect that more visitors = more revenue (if you are operating a business).
All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.
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