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Managed email hosting plans

Email hosting is ideal for you if you would like to have customised email addresses with the domain name of your choice but don't need a website just yet.
One of the main benefits of email-only hosting is costs. Another is that you can start publishing email addresses on business cards etc while you decide on the type of web site you would like.
Email hosting plans include the following features:
*  Free setup
*  One domain name (of your choice)
*  12 months email delivery
*  SPAM filtering
*  Catch all mail box
*  mail forwarding (send emails to another email address if you want)
*  Webmail (read and/or print your email through a web browser from anywhere in the world and when you move on to another location it's still there for you)
*  24 changes per annum, for example:
_*  change the redirection of one email address to another (eg. yahoo, hotmail, bigpond)
_*  creation on a new mailbox (subject to the number of boxes available on your plan).

What is a "catch all" mail box?
A catch all address simply means that if someone types in an invalid email address for your domain (eg. "sakes" instead of "sales") you will still receive the email.
Email hosting pricing options
1 mailbox
$ 159
This provides you with the abilty to have an unlimited number of email addresses (for your domain name) all being delivered to the one mailbox. (Price includes the domain name.)
5 mailboxes
$ 189
This provides greater flexibility. For example, "sales@" going to one person, "info@" going to another, and everything else being delivered to you or your personal assistant.
More than 5 mailboxes
$ poa
Same concept and flexibility as for five mailboxes above... plus more (eg. a larger number of specific mailboxes and one "catch all" mail box).

Email hosting renewals
Renewals are the same price as the initial year and include the same features, such as domain name renewal.
Cost as above
Additional ad hoc support & enhancements
24 changes included in the above annual cost


Unique, personalised spam proof family emails

Using email hosting you can create easy to remember unique email addresses for all within your family (eg.,
Using redirection you can forward these, behind the scenes, to your unpublished email address. If the published address starts clogging up with spam you simply create a new email address, tell your friends (only) and then redirect this to the same, behind the scenes email address.
Setting this up and then changing it is straightforward and, in most cases, will not cost you anymore (with bpresent) as we provide you with 24 changes per annum as part of your annual rate.

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.
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