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Site Management Services


Return on Investment (ROI)

If you are considering purchasing a web site for your small to medium business enterprise (SME) or small office / home office (SOHO), then the expected return on investment (short and medium term ROI) is fundamental to this decision.
We provide an extremely affordable "bpresent Quick!" web hosting for $299. The price includes development of a few pages (enough to tell the world about your services) and the first 12 month's hosting. An all inclusive web site for one year for $299 AUD including GST.

Online Tutorial
Whether you already have a web site, or if you are new to the world wide web, we provide this tutorial on the basics of a website, including topics such as successful promotion of your website, and your expected minimum costs (start up and recurring costs).

Promotion through good Web Design

It is essential that your web site is found and that it loads quickly. As fundamental as this may seem, many designers do not seem to take these points into consideration. Our sites meet both these conditions by their "search engine friendly" design.
The first page your prospect sees must be fast loading, eye catching, and contain enough information to keep the viewer interested.
Our designers provide inexpensive fast loading websites that don't look cheap.


Cross Promotion

While a web designer / developer can create a content rich site, this does not promote itself - it needs help. It is crucial to get into the top search engines, and we can help here, but it is not the only source of customers.
We need to find the right balance of cross promotion between your site and your traditional promotion outlets - so that one feeds the other. Together we make the various outlets work with each other.


Courteous, Supportive Service

We don't just "provide support", we help you through what can seem like a very daunting time, explaining each step (if you wish).
With our exclusive "bpresent Quick!" plan ($299 including the first year's rent) we offer one of the easiest and lowest risk entries into what can be, on first viewing, a pretty scary place.

All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.
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