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Harry's letters - my first attempt

Harry's San Francisco letterhead
During 2002 my cousin transcribed letters sent by our maternal Grandfather (Harry), written in 1924 on a world trip. My mother had the photo album from that trip and I decided to scan the photos (even though another cousin had already done this). Eventually I also wound up with the letters themselves.
I had no intention of creating a website out of this material. I just liked one of the letterheads (the one above coupled with the footer of the page with its annotations below).
So I decided to scan that page too... and then I got to thinking. I wonder if....... and you see here an example.
It was a labour of love and took hours and hours and hours (and I'm still researching links). It was a nice way to learn basic HTML (as well as some neat mouse rollover techniques made with javascript).
I worked it over and over again. All of this taught me a few important things.
It's worthwhile taking the time to learn in depth and from a variety of sources.
It's easier to learn if there's something you really want to show for it at the end.
It takes a long time to get web pages to look the way you want them to look when you don't have the technical skills.
It's impossible to make web pages look the same on all browsers and on all machines (ie. screen resolutions), so you have to find some middle ground and test and test..... and test.
You have to stop re-working old work at some stage or you go mad.
Harry's San Francisco letter footer
Technical note
This page provides a good example of how diffferent browsers behave differently even with basic HTML.
On Netscape (later versions), the letterhead and footer shrink down when the monitor size decreases.
On Internet Explorer (all versions), depending on the user's browser settings, they remain at a constant 500px width causing the menu on the right hand side to be lost.
Given that the majority of users use Internet Explorer and the default settings are often never changed, I'd normally work around this (and probably fix the image at about 400px width). In this case I've decided to leave it to prove a point (and also, much of the menu is still visible).
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