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Steep learning curve

The learning curve for me in the next few months was immense (to put it mildly).
While searching the web for help on... I can't remember what... probably some way of splitting my hard fought and won chunk of cyberspace into smaller bits... I came across the web-based webmaster resource (webmasterworld.com).
I read a bit, did not really find the answer I was looking for, I registered as a free member and I posted my first topic.
I posted it in the wrong forum (it happens) but I got a couple of very friendly and supportive responses there.
Time marched on and I realised that there was a lot more to this than meets the eyes.
Meanwhile, I did not get retrenched! Learning to be a webmaster while holding down a full-time job, is not easy. Also, during this time I became a father for the first time.
Despite this, I continued to read and learn, mostly online. I have founf though that on some subjects, nothing beats a well written and structured book when it comes to learning.
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