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How many hats does a Webmaster / Webmistress wear?

I thought it would be fun to write a "job description" for an open source, one man band webmaster (me at that time).
Of course, the number of staff doesn't really matter - a job role is a job role regardless of who fills it - but of course there are considerations with the management of people (in whom one has varying degrees of trust).
So, how many hats does a one-person-webmaster need to wear and what skills does she/he require to competently wear those hats?
By the way - I'm talking about a webmaster who designs pages for humans - small businesses or hobbyists who simply want to sell their wares, promote themselves, or get a point across - not one who specialises in cloaking and a million cross promotions and sales - this does not interest me (I get dizzy looking at "Piccadilly Circus" sites).

List of Skills

So, here is a basic skills list... and many of them impact others... and they overlap:
*  analysis skills (and BS-detectors);
*  management;
*  negotiating;
*  sales;
*  marketing;
*  search engine optimisation;
*  what else?
So far, I have really only looked at some of the technical skills (including basic HTML) and in the process I've noticed that many of the above skills are required for each of the necessary roles (roles that I am still yet to define).
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