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Site Map

"What is a website?" Tutorial
Tutorial on the basics of a website including topics such as start up and recurring costs.
What is a web site and what is the minimum I need to get a web site?
How much should I expect to pay?
How often should I expect to pay these costs?
When does my web site start paying for itself?
Is the web for me?
A 6 page bpresent web site for $299 AUD including 12 month's rent.
If you already have a web site.
bpresent's philosophy (slowly increase your web presence).
Fluid web pages.
Source of web page content.
About Domain Names, Business Names and Trade Marks.
Some ideas for promotion of your web site.
Moving from a "bpresent Quick!" plan" to your own .com plan.
"So... you want to be a webmaster?" Tutorial
A lighthearted look at one man's journey into webmasterdom.
Loosely relevant experience before discovering the power of .htaccess.
Definition of the term 'webmaster'.
Definition of the term 'webmaster'.
There is so much to learn - if you're on your own.
Tips on searching for and finding good hard copy assistance.
A list of skills required to become an effective webmaster.
Some of the skills necessary to become a technically competent webmaster.
The first and one of the most important decisions to make.
Some links to handy sites with tips about HTML and how to upload your pages to your website.
To use or not? (Not yet!)
Submitting your site to serach engines and directoires.
Choosing your bed fellows wisely.
The power (or not) of robots.txt
Validating your HTML.
A selection of some commonly installed default fonts.
Some ideas and links to helpful colour sites.
A sample 800 by 600 layout (compensated).
A topic worthy of a web site or two all on its own.
The defacto standard
What to look for in a hosting company.
The bits and pieces you find in your web logs.
Very brief description of the return codes you find in web logs.
Using .htaccess to keep bad bots away.
The measurement of success.
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