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Is the World Wide Web the place for you?

If you've come this far then the answer is almost certainly "Yes".
Embarking on promotion and marketing on the web does not have to be a huge investment but it is an investment none the less.
One of the most significant advantages of a small brochure style website is the ability to advertise it on your business card or flyers, news media etc. In this way, people have direct online access to your 'glossy' promotional material without you needing to carry it around with you (or they at least have access to it at the times when you don't have any at hand).
Another advantage is the inclusion of your business in major search engines. Consider this as being similar to a prime listing in the yellow pages.
A web site created by bpresent will normally be included in the largest search engines (Google and Yahoo) within three months of being created, sometimes sooner.
Be aware that not all web pages are created in the same way. We discuss this in greater detail in the page "Some Ideas for Promotion of Your Website" (if you have not already visited this).
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If you're uncertain

We strongly recommend you take a look at our "bpresent Quick!" plan as this:
*   involves minimal investment ($299 all inclusive);
*   allows you to test the water for a full year;
*   can be upgraded at anytime without loss of investment (we will pro rata your payment against the upgrade);
*   provides you with a 'foot in the search engine door' should you decide to increase your web presence.

If you already have a domain name

We will be happy to take on the roles of "Administrative and Technical Contacts" on your behalf and build your site for you. Options are suggested in the next few pages.

If you are ready to get you own domain name

We encourage you to have a look at the availability of names that suit you and / or your business. It is also wise at this point to look at other issues such as registering your business name and trade marks.
Please see our page "About Domain Names, Business Names and Trade Marks" for more information.
If you're ready to go - or would like us to do it for you - we suggest considering our <Choose4Yourself>.com plan.
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